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Creating "Victory Gardens" Everywhere!

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During World War II, regular homeowners were encouraged to plant gardens on their lawns to augment and secure the food supply - with the objective of getting up to 40% of consumed vegetables in this fashion. Today, we are again seeing how crucial it is to have a resilient food system. Start one at your home today and post here to inspire others!

Start a "Victory Garden"!

Victory Gardens can increase local food security and make neighborhoods more pleasant overall.
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Growing all of the vegetables and herbs our family needs...

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Nice - are you thinking of posting some "before and afters"?

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I am trying to increase production while not creating large "beds" to maintain. I am finding that using existing bed space for certain plants can be very effective. For instance, I have spread out Blueberries and Raspberries in pots all around the property in any dead spaces, while further planting squash and other low creeping plants in similar locations. If you begin to look at open dirt areas (and where you may be willing to remove some grass) you suddenly are able to identify a lot of opportunity to plant food producing items


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  • Creating "Victory Gardens" Everywhere!


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