What would be the ideal concentration of microbreweries?

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Would having a microbrewery ever 10 miles be too much? If having microbreweries at a certain scale is important for authenticity sake, what could that ideal concentration be?

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This article tries to frame it as thought the industry's potential may have peaked - https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/business/wp/2018/04/10/the-craft-bee.... I feel their assumptions are overly simplified though - for example, automatically seeing competition with mainstream beer companies at bar taps as an important objective. Interested to hear others thoughts.

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I'd say, maybe there are other ways to look at the idea? If every bar/cafe/restaurant did its own brewing - and not just beer, but wine, sake, hard spirits, cider, and even other regional stuff like brandies and hard liquor made from walnuts or lemons etc - would there even be a downside?


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    What would be the ideal concentration of microbreweries?