Rockaway Could Have More Bay-Side Bars/Restaurants

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Taking the ferry from NYC the other day, I noticed how many buildings near the ferry terminal just have fences/walls facing the bay. This seems like a giant missed opportunity to take advantage of bay-side views and attract ferry goers to the area more generally

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Great point. Rockaway does not have to be a victim to its geography if we build appropriately.
Resiliency can be a value of our waterfront not an impediment.

I’ll return back with some input. I’m going to be thinking about this!

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Hey Tom - have you tried making the push for the rezoning in the past? If so, what kinds of concerns did opponents bring up?

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Hey everyone, I have 200+ linear feet of Waterfront next door to the ferry. The reason you don't see more restaurants here varies according to property and owner but Sean is right about the area needing a rezoning for it to improve. I'd be happy to talk to any area entrepreneurs who have ideas about our waterfront. Cheers, T.

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As far as I understand a zoning change is needed along beach channel drive

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we should try to think of ways to build these structures so they can be flooded without causing long-term damage


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    Rockaway Could Have More Bay-Side Bars/Restaurants