Rethinking Buildings and Density

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This article reminded me of an idea I’d had about our current mode of occupying homes at night and work-focused building by day and how that effectively doubles our built infrastructure needs, increases our transportation needs, and increases our geographical footprint. Even within a home bedroom spaces are underutilized during the day. But how could buildings be rethought in such a way that doesn’t feel cramped or soul-crushing? What other benefits and obstacles might there be to making sure all built spaces can be utilized 24-7?

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Quick idea, but it could be interesting of an area like a "living room" could be on an axis and rotate outward during unused times toward a central shared space - thereby expanding the area of the latter..

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I feel like before looking at the room/home level, it'd be great to find a way to convince people that quality of life can be higher in higher densities - a European town vs. an American sprawling suburb, for example. But maybe this issue should be tackled from all sides?


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    Rethinking Buildings and Density



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