Plant Native Pollinators on Your Property!

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The more spaces we have for pollinator species to feed, the more likely they are to thrive in our area - and thereby improve the natural environment for us all. The idea for this project is to get as many local residents as possible to plant some of these key species on their properties, take a photo, and share the location. After, we can create a map that shows new pathways for our birds and bees! Native plants will be provided at a good price in an upcoming plant market this spring. More information to follow shortly.
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This is such an important post. We live 3hrs from Michoacan where all the Monarchs migrate every year. For years and years the populations have been declining and I can't tell you how sad it is to go hike through and see very few Monarchs and even more on the ground dead. Only in the last year did we finally see a bounce back in the population, I think it was about 30% increase, I'll find my source article later, and it was because of several communities in the US planting more milkweed and other pollinators that keep butterflies happy and well fed. Please consider how easy it is to add these plants to your garden and what huge effects you can make.

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Plant Native Pollinators on Your Property!



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