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How could we create more activities for kids?

Potential Benefit:

Many parents have mentioned that there is not enough for their kids to do in the area.


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Are there any places that already exist for adults where you can add a drop off for the kids while the parents do something? I know some gyms have babysitting so the parents can work out, but could be fun to make it more interesting for the kids - like kid yoga. I know this is more of a selfish idea and less of a group activity, but I would love to be able to do something I enjoy without the kids while the kids have their own fun! Also, the same could be done with more of a group mindset, like family yoga at the gym.

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Could some of these ideas be business opportunities as well - like opening a roller rink?


  • Ask good questions - How could we build off this? Why is this important?
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  • How could we create more activities for kids?