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How Could We Activate the Space Around the Rockaway Ferry?

Potential Benefit:

The new ferry has brought tons of new visitors to Rockaway, but the landing area itself is not very attractive, and could be leveraged much further to generate local commerce/space. What are some ideas for activating this space?


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Ahh fair enough - great idea! That definitely needs to change!

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Hi I own 28,000 sqrt waterfront next to The ferry. The entire area needs to be rezoned, it only allows for one story manufacturing/commercial. The problem is that construction costs are so high for waterfront Real Estate in NYC that no developer will touch it unless the community board takes action first by rezoning it. Talk to community board members and help them understand.

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I know there was another post about adding more bars/restaurants on the water - could we do this here? Assuming the pollution isn’t an issue.

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Unfortunately I have heard that some of the surrounding lots have high levels of pollution - could use some additional verification on this though


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  • How Could We Activate the Space Around the Rockaway Ferry?


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